Magic Phrase

While we were in Live Kitchen, David said

“Hey, it’s ate ****!” 
“Really?” I said.
“Yes, it’s her.”
“Ohh.. really. I need to see her face. I didn’t really get to her face before. Okay, on count of three she will look here. One… Two… Wait, it’s supposed to be in a different language. Okay, Eins…. Zwei… Drei..”
After counting from one to three I looked away for a second because I though she didn’t look. But when I checked again she really looked. I was like “WOW! Magic!” 
Then after that I tried to explain it to Harvey.
 I said “Harvey, She looked here after I count from one to three.”
“Really?” Harvey said.
“Yah! She turn here after I counted eins… zwei… drei…” Then ate **** looked again after I counted. I was really like “OMG! Again?!” That’s why I decided to post this as my blog.


The birth of a new era. The time of flowerage. The summoning of the new rising star. The start of a new chronicle. The next chapter in life. 

I created this blog for the second term because my first blog site is crowded already. Actually that’s not the only reason why I made this new blog. I created this because I just want to. Just for a change so that it won’t be too boring. Seeing the same thing again and again and again everyday is boring, right? So for the sake of having high grades and having fun I created this blog
I, Zap, named this blog site “shintaisei.”  Shintaisei is a Japanese word for New Order. What I meant by New Order is …. ummm… ugh… It’s like a new world. New environment. New rules… not really rules but a new set up. Actually my original idea is supposed to be “shinsekai” which means New World. But unfortunately that name is already taken so… yeah.. New Order was born.


This is my first blog for the 2nd term. Enjoy reading!

A. What do you think are the successful things you did in English last term?

 Actually I achieved nothing. English is too hard for me. Every time I speak in English I get my tongue twisted. All languages actually, except for Filipino/Tagalog. Also my grammar is very bad and my vocabulary is very limited. But on the other hand, teacher said that I did well on my oral test. She said that my speech is good but there are still rooms for improvement, obviously. 
B. What are the things that you think that you should have been done but you weren’t able to?
 I think I should have study more last term. The only thing that I should have done is to get perfect in all my tests. But I think grades doesn’t really matter as long as you improve on what needs improvement.
C.) What are the things which you plan to do to perform better in English?
 I plan to read more literary works like Shakespeare’s works. Well, I really want to read Shakespeare’s works but I think that’s too much for me. So I’m planning to listen and to take down notes more often. Also I’m planning to expand my vocabulary. It’s just a plan! I don’t know if I can do it but I will at least try.
D.) What are your top 3 most unforgettable experiences/learning/discoveries in English during the first term?
 One experience that I will not forget (hopefully) is when we were watching Departures. It is because of “the thing.”Also that is when I tasted ramen for the first time but it’s just an instant ramen. Still nothing beats the authentic ramen though I haven’t tasted one. Another unforgettable experience in English is our integrated project. There’s one scene that Javy acted like a gay. On that scene he said “I’m beautiful” and the way he said it is very funny. Last experience is the haiku. There’s one haiku that I made and I work hard for it. But before the submission Sir Archie got our ipads for resetting. So I need to make another one. Then after I submitted my recreations I sync my ipad and then I saw my original works. I was like “wth! Nandito lang pala!” So yeah… It’s really tough. English is hard but I enjoyed it.
E.) Which activities do you think should the class have or try next term to make the subject more engaging and interesting?
 More movies… FULL LENGTH MOVIES! Probably games. Also more interesting topics. Actually Japan is a good topic. I like it. I think that’s it.