The birth of a new era. The time of flowerage. The summoning of the new rising star. The start of a new chronicle. The next chapter in life. 

I created this blog for the second term because my first blog site is crowded already. Actually that’s not the only reason why I made this new blog. I created this because I just want to. Just for a change so that it won’t be too boring. Seeing the same thing again and again and again everyday is boring, right? So for the sake of having high grades and having fun I created this blog
I, Zap, named this blog site “shintaisei.”  Shintaisei is a Japanese word for New Order. What I meant by New Order is …. ummm… ugh… It’s like a new world. New environment. New rules… not really rules but a new set up. Actually my original idea is supposed to be “shinsekai” which means New World. But unfortunately that name is already taken so… yeah.. New Order was born.

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