Magic Phrase

While we were in Live Kitchen, David said

“Hey, it’s ate ****!” 
“Really?” I said.
“Yes, it’s her.”
“Ohh.. really. I need to see her face. I didn’t really get to her face before. Okay, on count of three she will look here. One… Two… Wait, it’s supposed to be in a different language. Okay, Eins…. Zwei… Drei..”
After counting from one to three I looked away for a second because I though she didn’t look. But when I checked again she really looked. I was like “WOW! Magic!” 
Then after that I tried to explain it to Harvey.
 I said “Harvey, She looked here after I count from one to three.”
“Really?” Harvey said.
“Yah! She turn here after I counted eins… zwei… drei…” Then ate **** looked again after I counted. I was really like “OMG! Again?!” That’s why I decided to post this as my blog.

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