“Draw With Me”

There’s a short clip that I want to share with you. I just watched this last year though it was uploaded on 2009. It’s a story of a boy and a girl separated by an unbreakable glass. So when they first met they can’t talk to each other because the voice of one can’t even go to the other side. So the boy gave the girl something that can be used to write on the glass. They started writing to each other and even draw. But later on the boy got tired of it. He wants to be with the girl. So he tried to break the glass but when he did, it just turn back to normal leaving his left hand destroyed. After that the girl asked him if he wants to draw with her. But the boy  said he can’t anymore. That ‘s when I realized that he was also a left-handed boy just like me. I think I can see myself in him. The ending is rather disturbing. The girl gave the boy a gift which is a hand so they can draw again. But all-in-all I like the story.


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