We had our first Spanish class this Thursday. I admit it, I had fun. Actually I like it more than Mandarin. It’s more easy to understand than Mandarin or maybe it’s just the way how it was taught to us. I learned how to count properly in Spanish. Before I taught 6 in Spanish is sais but it should be “seis”. Also 10 I taught that it’s jis but it should be “dies”. Their alphabet is kind of hard especially the “II.” I learned basic introduction like how to answer when someone ask for your name, etc. All-in-all it was good and I’m looking forward for the next class.



I was asked to join the play as extra. At first I don’t want it because it’s in English and I don’t want to act in front of many people. Also I’m not good at acting. But I accepted the request thinking that I cannot refuse. But after two days of practice I’m kind of liking it. Not the play and the English script but I like the people that I’m with. I got to laugh at what they are doing and at the same time I got to laugh to what I am doing. Even though I’m just an extra I got to stay on the stage for awhile. I kind of like it and don’t like it. I like it because somehow I feel that I’m an important character. But I don’t like people staring at me especially with a crowd. Not everybody have an opportunity like this so I think it’s better to just take it. I’m going to keep up my good work in the play and hope the results to be nice.

Most Wanted

Last Monday I was able to download “Need For Speed; Most Wanted.” I download it because I remember the old times when I’m playing it, it was so fun. I like to roam around and just drive but since it’s most wanted, just by looking at the name, obviously I was being chased by cops. Actually every time I feel sleepy I play it because it makes me feel alive being chased by cops. It’s like coffee but unfortunately coffee has no effect on me.  Also I kind of miss playing racing. I just miss how I hit the other cars. I miss doing cool tricks like drifting. I almost forgot, the cops just caught me 3 times now since Monday. I don’t know what to do or where to go when the cops start chasing me. That’s all for today. I need to play because I feel sleepy already.


I don’t really have time to do blogs these days or rather I don’t feel like blogging right now. I’m so stressed because of the heavy workload in school. After helping out in the event last week, we had many tests in school. Also right now we’re helping out in launching the clubs in school. We are also busy doing our projects. Just thinking about all those stuff makes my head hurts. Oh I almost forgot, final exams are coming. I wonder how  will review because I don’t have notes. I don’t take notes because it’s much easier and more practical to listen and understand than writing and not understanding. But the problem is that I forgot the lessons already. So notes are quite necessary. Anyways I’m tired already so that’s it for today.


Official clubs will be launching this Friday and we are the ones who will be helping out in setting up the booths. Unfortunately the group where I was in still don’t know what to do up to now. We were suppose to be making the Arts club booth very attractive since it’s arts. Actually we had a very clever idea but it won’t be very practical considering the size of the booth and the time we have. So we tried to remake everything from scratch. But still we don’t have any idea on how will we make it. Also just this morning I had an idea for the club but I have to scrap it because I moved to a different club but I will still be helping out the arts club. At least up to Friday. Actually I joined the Photography club because my friend moved there from Arts club. So if I stayed in the Arts club I only know one girl on that club which is my batch-mate. But if I joined the Photography club it’s like we’re a gang because we’re six boys there from the batch. Well I kind of like photography. I like it when I took an epic shot. It’s not totally a forced deal. But if I were to choose between Arts and Photography I would prefer Arts. It’s just that… aahhh! I don’t know what to do anymore. I want Arts but at the same time I don’t. In short I want Arts but I don’t want to be alone. Actually I’m the type of person who is easily feels shy in front of others. I kind of don’t like people seeing me but I like being praised or commended. Selfish, right? But seriously speaking, I don’t like working in front of a crowd. I feel insecure. Pardon me my thoughts are kind of messed up right now because of what happened awhile ago. Anyway, I’ll just sign up for Arts club next year. I hope not so many people would join because I just don’t like it.

Worth the Time

Last Saturday I was in school to help out for the event that same day. First thing I did is that to check out the classroom that I was assigned to. I checked if the designs that we put up were still intact. Unfortunately there were some damages/changes from what we did the day before. So I tried to fix it but I don’t have the materials anymore so I tried to improvise. Also the doorknobs of both doors are still broken. After fixing or rather checking the room I go straight to the room where we should stand by. Then the event started. I ushered for a very short time. I think only about 5 minutes of ushering. It’s because we(with my classmate) were called by a teacher. He said that if we’re not doing anything we should take a free class about iBooks because the audience is too few and it’s a shame for the speaker. It’s suppose to be 800 pesos per class but we were given an opportunity to have it for free, so why not take it? Without a second thought we accepted the request. After that class we ate lunch. Then after class I had another free class because I’m part of the student assistant. All student assistant were given the Gift of Learning Card which means we can pick one of any class for free. So in short I had 2 free classes which is supposedly 1800 pesos. I was kind of lucky that time. Blessed. 

Maybe I Was Wrong

I was hoping that when I go to school that Friday it would be just… you can call it a day. It would be just like business-as-usual. It would be boring. But I was wrong. In fact it’s even better than the usual school days. I had a good time fixing and decorating the classroom with two of my classmates. We talk and laugh together. Also jokes, of course. But there’s that moment that kind of excite things more. It is when I saw the new logo outside our school. I was mesmerized. I thought, “finally I felt like I’m really studying at a great school.” The new sets of uniforms also sparks something inside me. It made me look forward to going to school. It lets me feel more excited. But I also won’t forget that time when we watch one student playing “Outlast” which is a suspense and kind of horror game. I won’t forget it because when the character go inside of a locker because it needs to hide from the cannibal-like man I thought the game was over already. Then when the character go outside the cannibal man was there. So we screamed like a sissy girl. I never thought that would happen. By the way we were being recorded that time. So that screaming part I think would be posted on Facebook. It’s possible but I hope not. The food is also great. I like it. My day is so complete I didn’t even notice that the time is running. But one of the best part of it is that, you helped the teachers. We know that they’re busy doing things for the school, so helping them out is an honor. After school I with my two classmates go to McDonald’s. It’s very rare to go out and eat with my classmates, especially with them. So I realized that eating out with friends is very fun. I go home wearing a smile on my face and a story to share.