Kagerou Days

I like this song. It has a sad story which reminds me of some anime. The song started at around 12:30 on August 5 when a boy talked to a girl with a cat because he has nothing to do. But after some time the cat runs away so the girl chased it. But when she crossed the street she was hit by a truck before the stop light turns red. The boy saw what happened and the heat haze reminded him that it was not a joke. But suddenly he woke up in his bed as if like it was all a dream. So on the “same day” he talked to that same girl with a cat at the same park. The cat runs away and the girl chased it but before she even got close to the street the boy stopped him. On their way home the boy though that it’s done. He save the girl. But suddenly the people around him are all looking up. A falling metal pole pierced through the girl. Then again the heat haze reminded him that it was not a joke. It’s been repeating for ten years. One darkened world after another. He noticed that that kind of ending  has only one ending and that is one of them should die. So once again the same scenario happened but this time the boy pushed the girl back trying to save her but as exchange he died. In the end the boy didn’t know that the girl has been protecting him ever since by letting herself die instead but for the last time it didn’t work. So I think they’re suffering from the same thing since the start. Fate has been very cruel to them.


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