Maybe I Was Wrong

I was hoping that when I go to school that Friday it would be just… you can call it a day. It would be just like business-as-usual. It would be boring. But I was wrong. In fact it’s even better than the usual school days. I had a good time fixing and decorating the classroom with two of my classmates. We talk and laugh together. Also jokes, of course. But there’s that moment that kind of excite things more. It is when I saw the new logo outside our school. I was mesmerized. I thought, “finally I felt like I’m really studying at a great school.” The new sets of uniforms also sparks something inside me. It made me look forward to going to school. It lets me feel more excited. But I also won’t forget that time when we watch one student playing “Outlast” which is a suspense and kind of horror game. I won’t forget it because when the character go inside of a locker because it needs to hide from the cannibal-like man I thought the game was over already. Then when the character go outside the cannibal man was there. So we screamed like a sissy girl. I never thought that would happen. By the way we were being recorded that time. So that screaming part I think would be posted on Facebook. It’s possible but I hope not. The food is also great. I like it. My day is so complete I didn’t even notice that the time is running. But one of the best part of it is that, you helped the teachers. We know that they’re busy doing things for the school, so helping them out is an honor. After school I with my two classmates go to McDonald’s. It’s very rare to go out and eat with my classmates, especially with them. So I realized that eating out with friends is very fun. I go home wearing a smile on my face and a story to share.


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