Worth the Time

Last Saturday I was in school to help out for the event that same day. First thing I did is that to check out the classroom that I was assigned to. I checked if the designs that we put up were still intact. Unfortunately there were some damages/changes from what we did the day before. So I tried to fix it but I don’t have the materials anymore so I tried to improvise. Also the doorknobs of both doors are still broken. After fixing or rather checking the room I go straight to the room where we should stand by. Then the event started. I ushered for a very short time. I think only about 5 minutes of ushering. It’s because we(with my classmate) were called by a teacher. He said that if we’re not doing anything we should take a free class about iBooks because the audience is too few and it’s a shame for the speaker. It’s suppose to be 800 pesos per class but we were given an opportunity to have it for free, so why not take it? Without a second thought we accepted the request. After that class we ate lunch. Then after class I had another free class because I’m part of the student assistant. All student assistant were given the Gift of Learning Card which means we can pick one of any class for free. So in short I had 2 free classes which is supposedly 1800 pesos. I was kind of lucky that time. Blessed. 


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