Official clubs will be launching this Friday and we are the ones who will be helping out in setting up the booths. Unfortunately the group where I was in still don’t know what to do up to now. We were suppose to be making the Arts club booth very attractive since it’s arts. Actually we had a very clever idea but it won’t be very practical considering the size of the booth and the time we have. So we tried to remake everything from scratch. But still we don’t have any idea on how will we make it. Also just this morning I had an idea for the club but I have to scrap it because I moved to a different club but I will still be helping out the arts club. At least up to Friday. Actually I joined the Photography club because my friend moved there from Arts club. So if I stayed in the Arts club I only know one girl on that club which is my batch-mate. But if I joined the Photography club it’s like we’re a gang because we’re six boys there from the batch. Well I kind of like photography. I like it when I took an epic shot. It’s not totally a forced deal. But if I were to choose between Arts and Photography I would prefer Arts. It’s just that… aahhh! I don’t know what to do anymore. I want Arts but at the same time I don’t. In short I want Arts but I don’t want to be alone. Actually I’m the type of person who is easily feels shy in front of others. I kind of don’t like people seeing me but I like being praised or commended. Selfish, right? But seriously speaking, I don’t like working in front of a crowd. I feel insecure. Pardon me my thoughts are kind of messed up right now because of what happened awhile ago. Anyway, I’ll just sign up for Arts club next year. I hope not so many people would join because I just don’t like it.


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