I was asked to join the play as extra. At first I don’t want it because it’s in English and I don’t want to act in front of many people. Also I’m not good at acting. But I accepted the request thinking that I cannot refuse. But after two days of practice I’m kind of liking it. Not the play and the English script but I like the people that I’m with. I got to laugh at what they are doing and at the same time I got to laugh to what I am doing. Even though I’m just an extra I got to stay on the stage for awhile. I kind of like it and don’t like it. I like it because somehow I feel that I’m an important character. But I don’t like people staring at me especially with a crowd. Not everybody have an opportunity like this so I think it’s better to just take it. I’m going to keep up my good work in the play and hope the results to be nice.


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