I would like to let you know that I would be making a new blog site since it’s 3rd semester already. Starting this Friday you don’t have to visit this site anymore. Instead go straight here:

Thank you very much for your cooperation.



Stress strikes back! We have too many requirements and it’s just very tiring. Too many things to accomplish this week. Projects, and stuffs. Good thing this is my last blog for this year. So I’ll just keep it short. That’s it.

Letter To My Friends (Part 2)

You’ve been amazing Rafael. Your grades are not bad. Your English is good. I believe that you’re smart but you just lack diligence and passion. Actually I want to be as good as you are. Also I like your biceps. 
I’m sorry Jeds for bullying you. Sorry for sexually harassing you. Sorry Jeds but I can’t love you anymore. I already have someone. Most of all,  I’m sorry Jeredan but your time is up. It’s my turn now.  Say goodbye to being salutatorian. 

Letter To My Friends (Part 1)

Thank you Harvey. You always lend me your notes. You always help me with my studies. You let me stay by your side. I’m happy to be with you.
I hope I inspired you Michael. I hope my actions helped you to move forward. I hope my grades helped you to strive more. I hope that someday you would be a good student and a great leader.
You were a surprise to me David. I though that you’re gonna fail in English because you said so. But you passed. You did a good job. I can say that you really worked hard. Just do your best everyday. Keep up the good work.



We had our first Spanish class this Thursday. I admit it, I had fun. Actually I like it more than Mandarin. It’s more easy to understand than Mandarin or maybe it’s just the way how it was taught to us. I learned how to count properly in Spanish. Before I taught 6 in Spanish is sais but it should be “seis”. Also 10 I taught that it’s jis but it should be “dies”. Their alphabet is kind of hard especially the “II.” I learned basic introduction like how to answer when someone ask for your name, etc. All-in-all it was good and I’m looking forward for the next class.


I was asked to join the play as extra. At first I don’t want it because it’s in English and I don’t want to act in front of many people. Also I’m not good at acting. But I accepted the request thinking that I cannot refuse. But after two days of practice I’m kind of liking it. Not the play and the English script but I like the people that I’m with. I got to laugh at what they are doing and at the same time I got to laugh to what I am doing. Even though I’m just an extra I got to stay on the stage for awhile. I kind of like it and don’t like it. I like it because somehow I feel that I’m an important character. But I don’t like people staring at me especially with a crowd. Not everybody have an opportunity like this so I think it’s better to just take it. I’m going to keep up my good work in the play and hope the results to be nice.

Most Wanted

Last Monday I was able to download “Need For Speed; Most Wanted.” I download it because I remember the old times when I’m playing it, it was so fun. I like to roam around and just drive but since it’s most wanted, just by looking at the name, obviously I was being chased by cops. Actually every time I feel sleepy I play it because it makes me feel alive being chased by cops. It’s like coffee but unfortunately coffee has no effect on me.  Also I kind of miss playing racing. I just miss how I hit the other cars. I miss doing cool tricks like drifting. I almost forgot, the cops just caught me 3 times now since Monday. I don’t know what to do or where to go when the cops start chasing me. That’s all for today. I need to play because I feel sleepy already.